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Yannis Paraskevopoulos, vigneron grec
By vino2travel, 30 May 2015, Canada
What's the Big Deal About Santorini?
By W. Blake Gray,, 21 May 2015, US
Gaia Estate
By, January 2015, The Netherlands
L’Agiorgitiko de Gaia, le savoir grec
By Roger Huet,, 24 January 2015, Canada


Wine Heroes Interview: Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, Gaia
By Chris Wilson, Hallgarten Druitt, 15 December 2014, UK
Οινοχόος, Συνέντευξη από τον Γιάννη Παρασκευόπουλο
Από την Τασούλα Επτακοίλη, περιοδικό Οινοχόος τεύχος 47, Δεκέμβιος 2014, Ελλάδα
Des vignerons en or
By Athens Insider,, 25 November 2014, Greece
The experts recommend 10 rare wine varietals
By Brant Cebulla,, 20 November 2014, US
Wine & Spirits' Top 100 Wineries of the Year 2014
By Wine & Spirits, 21 October 2014, US
Παγκόσμια Διάκριση για 3 Ελληνικά Οινοποιεία
Από SBC TV, 6 Οκτωβρίου 2014, Ελλάδα
Gaia Wines ovvero sulla spiaggia di Santorini c'è una cantina e del vino
By Andrea Petrini, 1 September 2014, Italy
Guide to the Top Wineries on the Greek Island of Santorini
By Adam Teeter, Vinepair, 12 July 2014, US
5 Lesser-Known Varietals You Should Add to Your Wine Rack
By Eric Asimov,, 30 May 2014, US
Le Rendez-Vous Vinicole fr 2014
By Roger Huet,, 28 May 2014, Canada
A Taste of Santorini: Gastronomy, Wine and Sunset Haven
Video by Cravings, 24 March 2014, US
Τοποθέτησε το Ασύρτικο και το Αγιωργίτικο στον παγκόσμιο χάρτη κρασιών
Video από, 27 Φεβρουαρίου 2014, Ελλάδα
New Tasting Notes: It's all Greek
By Huon Hooke,, 13 February 2014, Australia
Saltsmak fra Santorini
By Arne Ronold MW,, 8 February 2014, Norway


Flavour-Buddies (Annabelle Hotel, Pafos)
By Cyprus-Eating,, 29 November 2013, CY
Hellas beste hvtvin
By Merete Bo,, 14 May 2013, Norway
Institute of Masters of Wine visits Greece
By Wine Commanders,, 25 April 2013, Greece
Getting to know Assyrtiko & Santorini's claim to the world's oldest vines
By Patricia Reilly,, 24 April 2013, US
Γαία: το δημοφιλέστερο ελληνικό οινοποιείο στα εστιατόρια των Η.Π.Α.
Από House of Wine, 15 Μαρτίου 2013, Ελλάδα
Wines of Santorini...from Assyrtiko to Vinsanto
By Wine Compass Blog, 5 February 2013, US
Η ηφαιστειογενής Σαντορίνη κατέχει το ισχυρότερο brand name της ελληνικής οινικής παραγωγής
Travel Times, σελ.60-61, Ελλάδα


Gaia Wines & Leon Karatsalos
By foodielogbook.blogspot, 30 October 2012, Panama
A conversation with Leon Karatsalos
By Gobindjit S. Dhaliwal, Panama Wine Review, 23 October 2012, Panama
New Greek Wine at Olive
By Olive, 19 August 2012, Thailand
Summer Thrill Ride: Assyrtiko from Santorini
By Linda Murphy Wine Review Online, 14 August 2012, US
Is Aging Wine Underwater a Fad?
By Wine Folly, 16 July 2012, US
Greek grapes to celebrate
By Huon Hooke, The Sydney Morning Herarl, 10 July 2012, Australia
What to Drink Now: New Wines of Greece…Assyrtiko from Santorini
By Hayley Hamilton, Side Dish-D Maganize, 9 July 2012, US
Wine & Spirits: 10 Reasons to Drink Greek Wine
By Kelly A.Magyarics, Washington Life Magazine, 12 June 2012, US
Pour - New Territory
By Mark Spivak, Palm Beach Illustrated, June 2012, US
Greek exports rise despite crisis
By Jane Anson, 28 May 2012, Decanter, UK
Το ελληνικό κρασί σαρώνει σε διεθνείς διαγωνισμούς
Ιωάννα Φωτιάδη, Καθημερινή, 26 Μαΐου 2012, Ελλάδα
Μεγάλη επιτυχία των Ελληνικών κρασιών: Τα βραβεία Decanter 2012!
Ανδρέας Ανδρουλιδάκης, Βήμα Gourmet, 24 Μαΐου 2012, Ελλάδα
Wine awards: Greece given reason to raise a glass
By Lisa Bachelor, 22 May 2012, the Guardian, UK
Μεγάλη επιτυχία των Ελληνικών κρασιών: Τα βραβεία Decanter 2012!
House of Wine, 22 Μαΐου 2012, Ελλάδα
Tara Q. Thomas talks about Greek Wines on Splendid Table Radio
21 April 2012, Splendid Table Radio, USA
Gaia Greek Diner at Malena
By Peter Minakis, 23 March 2012,, Canada
Take Note of Tradition and Innovation in Greek Wine
By Jameson Fink, 12 March 2012, Foodista, USA
Five Grapes to expand your horizons
By Ray Isle, 24 January 2012, Eatocracy, USA
3 White Wines For Red Wine Drinkers
By Etty Lewensztain, 10 January 2012, Huffington Post, USA


Vino Files: Santorini. August is the time for seasonal produce, glasses of ultracrisp Assyrtiko and beachfront tasting rooms on this Greek island.
By Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, 13 July 2011, WINE ENTHUSIAST, US
Santorini Wines: Reviews and Impressions
By Alder Yarrow, 9 July 2011, Vinography, US
Champion of Minerality: Assyrtiko
Wine Spectator, June 2011
An interview on the current state of Greek wine with Yannis Paraskevopoulos
Greek winemakers' best chance to grab U.S. market
By Talia Baiocchi, 26 June 2011, SAN FRANCSICO CHRONICLE, US
Greek Wines: They don’t’ have to be ‘Greek’ to You
18 June 2011, WINE LOVERS BLOG, US
Επιστροφή στο αμπέλι (της Νεμέας)
Θόδωρος Λέλεκας, 16 Ιουνίου 2011, The TeleGourmet Chronicles, in2Life, Ελλάδα
Wine: Forget about ouzo and retsina, Greek wines are coming of age
By Rose Murray MW, 30 May 2011, LIVING.SCOTSMAN.COM, UK
Επισκέψιμο το οινοποιείο της Γαίας στη Σαντορίνη!
Θόδωρος Λέλεκας, 19 Απριλίου 2011, The TeleGourmet Chronicles, in2Life, Ελλάδα
5 Wines from Santorini To Try Now
By Lisa McLaughlin, 29 March 2011, FOOD REPUBLIC, US
From Island to Island
27 March 2011, Wines from Santorini, US
Τα κρασιά μας (εξακολουθούν να) σκίζουν στην Αμερική!
Θόδωρος Λέλεκας, 23 Μαρτίου 2011, The TeleGourmet Chronicles, in2Life, Ελλάδα
Gaia Wines
By Constance Chamberlain, 23 January 2011, MICROLIQUOR, US